Scam Tipster Verification Service -

On the 18th December 2012 Sports-Tipsters was e-mailed with a complaint about, alleging that whilst they claim to verify a number of tipster sites, most of the records they say are real are in fact fake, updated after results. Sports-Tipsters cannot comment about the validity of the results since it never saw any of the tips. However, the allegation also went onto to highlight that all tipster websites monitored by TipsterConnection are registered by the same domain provider (GoDaddy) and have similar layouts.

Sports-Tipsters decided to investiget this latter claim. It appears that the allegation made can easily be substatianted, and that in fact, TipsterConnection, whilst claiming to be an "independent verification service" is in fact not independent at all from many (possibly all) of the services it claims to be monitoring.

Firstly, all tipster websites which Sports-Tipsters checked were promoting the same bookmaker - Dafabet - by means of banner advertising, like TipsterConnection. Secondly, all tipster websites which Sports-Tipsters checked shared the same domain registration ASN number as that for TipsterConnection. Thirdly, and most damning of all, many of the verified tipster websites which Sports-Tipsters checked have the same Google Analytics account ID, and the same one as for TipsiterConnection.

Based on this information, there can be little doubt that TipsterConnection and its associated (non-independent) tipster services are part of a scam. Regardless of whether the results published on any of the tipster websites are fake or otherwise, there has clearly been a deliberate intention to mislead the punter into believing that TipsterConnection is an independent monitor of these tipster services when the truth is quite the opposite. Indeed, TipsterConnection clearly states that it is an "independent verification service", whilst the point is reiterated on its popup seal of verification that appears on every tipster website monitored.

Sports-Tipsters has taken the trouble to gather a number of screen shots to corroborate these allegations - see below.

On the basis of these findings Sports-Tipsters advises all punters to avoid TipsterConnection and any of its associated tipster services, and post details of this information elsewhere where there is opportunity to notify others of this scam.

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