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Big-Odds - no longer verified: Failed

From the 1st October 2013 until it disappeared sometime between the 15th and 19th January 2014, Big-Odds specialised in higher priced football match betting markets for games all over the world, with an average price longer than 3.50. It was certified by Sports-Tipsters from the 1st December 2013 and by from the start (1st October 2013).

By the time of its disappearance, the overall record as reported by VerifiedTipsters was a losing 93.68% return on investment (ROI). The period verified by Sports-Tipster was far worse, with an ROI of just 48.33%. As was explained by Sports-Tipsters whilst this service was active, users should have expected long losing runs betting at high prices, where the average advised odds was 4.5.

Clearly, the owner of Big-Odds was someone who was unable to cope with losing runs himself, since this offers the only reasonable explanation for why the content of the site was removed in its entirity when it was without warning or notification. Such behaviour of amateur tipsters as this is sadly typical of what we see in this industry. Whilst it is fortunate that Big-Odds was not charging for his tips, anyone following them for the full period will have potentially lost heavily.

What makes this story more depressing is that the owner of Big-Odds is also the owner of as many as 39 other sports betting domains, including:,,,,,,,,, and It would appear from carrying out history checks that most of these domains have been parked by the onwer indefinitely, presumably with the intention of earning a revenue, either from advertising click throughs or future domain sales. However, one of these domains - - does show evidence of other tipping activity from November 2005. Having reported losses of 73.16% ROI, it would appear that there was no more activity after this time.

To the ownner's credit, he has never attempted to fake results. However, simply abandoning a poorly performing service (free or otherwise), only to repeappear with another domain and no reported history of what happened before is little better. Conceivably it is then simply a matter of time before a lucky run encourages such a tipster, who in this case almost certainly has no forecasting ability at all, to start charging money for his betting advice.

Such a story should serve a warning to any punter thinking about following someone elses betting advice. Whether it's free or costs money, always perform due diligence on the person or persons into whom you are puting your trust.

Edit: It subsequrntly became apparent that the owner of Big-Odds had been managing 3 other services earlier in 2013 which were all verified by VerifiedTipsters:

All three were abandoned with losing records in the same way.

Having put it to the owner of Big-Odds that his latest enterprise was not the first time he had tried (and failed) at tipping, his response was that this was the first time had suffered such bad period. Anyone choosing to look at the three verified records above will be able to see clearly that this tipster was not telling the truth.

Membership FeeFree whilst active
Service startedOctober 2013

Betting Record

Month Bets Stakes Profit Yield
Dec-2013 105 236 -106.12 -44.97%
Jan-2014 18 55 -44.23 -80.42%


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