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Want to proof your service to Sports-Tipsters? It's now FREE

Sports-Tipsters is the original and longest running online independent verification service for serious sports betting tipsters, proofing since 2005 and before that through back to 2001. In that time it has verified over 175,000 picks from 300 advisory services. For those interested in this story (to June 2012) it is told in the book How to Find a Black Cat in a Coal Cellar: the Truth about Sports Tipsters. If you run a serious sports betting advisory service and would like to be verified by Sports-Tipsters, find out what your TipIQ is, appear in the Tipsters' League and compete for prizes sponsored by bet365, please read the TERMS below and then e-mail Sports-Tipster at the address at the bottom of this page.

Tipsters Competition sporsored by bet365


Every calendar quarter tipsters verified by Sports-Tipsters have the opportunity to compete for prizes sponsored by bet365. Currently the prize fund is as follows:

  • 1st: 100
  • 2nd: 50
  • 3rd: 25

Prizes will be awarded by bet365 in the form of free bets. The only requirements for a tipster to be elligible to receive a prize is that they have an active (and unrestricted) bet365 betting account and that they advise at least 30 picks during the quarterly period. Current competition rankings can be found here.


Sports-Tipsters does not accept all advisory services which request verification. Sports-Tipsters expects advisory service owners to demonstrate the highest standards of honesty and transparency, and may seek further information from applicants to assure Sports-Tipsters that these standards are being met. Sports-Tipsters also reserves the right to ask for a tipster to disclose their identity if this is hidden, and to refuse tipsters operating in jurisdictions where betting and/or tipping is illegal.

Important: It is the tipster's responsibility to read all of the following terms thoroughly before requesting an acceptance to be proofed. Sports-Tipsters will not assume any responsibility for the failure to do so on the part of the tipster in the event that a subsequent dispute arises.

  1. Sports-Tipsters reserves the right to terminate proofing of a tipster without explanation or notice.

  2. All tipsters will agree to public scrutiny and comment by Sport-Tipsters of their service and performance.

  3. Any tipster found to be cheating will be immediately blacklisted and have their proofing terminated.

  4. Sports-Tipsters reserves the right to terminate proofing of poorly performing tipsters and label them as "failed" services. It will be at the discretion of Sports-Tipsters if and when such a judgment would be passed. In this context "failed" is not necessarily restricted only to loss-making services, but can include low-yield tipsters that offer little or no value for money.

  5. Sport-Tipsters exists only to provide an independent verification of a sports betting advisory service's tipping record, and should not be viewed as a form of advertising.

  6. Sports-Tipsters proofs sports betting services only. If you run such a horse racing advisory service, Sports-Tipsters is affiliated with the Horse Racing tipsters proofing service Racing Proofing. Please note that Sports-Tipsters does not have any input in to the running and management of Racing Proofing.

  7. Sport-Tipsters does not accept in-play (in-running or live) bets or back/lay trades for verification.

  8. Sport-Tipsters does not accept previous records of tipping for the purposes of analysis and reporting. All newly admitted tipsters will start at zero.

  9. Sports-Tipsters will not accept personal betting, blogs or services under construction looking to proof a "test" record. To be considered for proofing you should have an active service and website with its own domain name. Sports-Tipsters will not accept services hosted on free hosting domains. (higlighted because nobody appears able to read.)

  10. IMPORTANT: Sports-Tipsters will no longer accept any multi-tipster service for verification where two or more tipsters are offering separate memberships through the same website. Sports-Tipster will neither verify them separately nor as one record. To be accepted for verification your service should be singular and the only one.

  11. Sports-Tipsters will not accept any tipster using progressive staking where the intention is to recover previous losses by increasing stake sizes. Tipsters who are found to switch to such a strategy will have their proofing terminated. Similaly Sports-Tipster will terminate verification of services who choose to dramatically change methodology, for example a large increase in betting odds without reduction in stake size, where in Sports-Tipsters' view the intention is for loss recovery.

  12. Sports-Tipsters will not accept tipsters who claim their tips are "fixed".

  13. If your service advises large numbers of tips, Sports-Tipsters may request that you provide daily results files (in CSV or Excel format).

  14. A tipster must submit all tips by e-mail in advance of start times at the time the advice is given to service members, including the advised selection(s), odds (in decimal format), stake size, date and bookmaker. Tips not received will not be proofed.

  15. Tipsters may use exchange prices but Sports-Tipsters takes into account a 5% commission when proofing such bets. Tipsters using exchanges should also ensure that there is sufficient trading volume available for members to take at the prices advised.

  16. Tipsters found repeatedly advising prices that are unavailable at the time the advice is received will be blacklisted and have their proofing terminated.

  17. Settlement of tips will be according to the rules of the primary (first) bookmaker advised with the tip.

  18. Stake sizes advised as percentages of a bankroll will be recorded as fixed unit values, for example 5% will be recorded as 5 units.

  19. Sports-Tipsters reserves the right to proof at a lower price where the tipster is advising picks with a bookmaker known for unreasonable stake limitation. In this context, no tips will be accepted from Marathonbet or Meridianbet. Tips will also not be accepted where advised with local bookmakers who only accept customers from that country of origin.

  20. It is the tipster's responsibility to notify Sports-Tipsters of any omissions and errors that they believe exist in their published tips record. The tipsters leagues are updated once weekly on Monday mornings, British time (unless tipsters are advised otherwise).

  21. Accepted tipsters will be required to show a "Verified" badge on their homepage pointing to their analysis page on, and promote Sports-Tipsters' network partner by means of a small set of links. They should also ensure that their own public record of results is kept reasonably up to date.

Proofing to Sports-Tipsters is now Free. If you are still interested in having your sports advisory service independently verified, then please get in touch via the e-mail address below.


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