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ExpertTipsters - no longer verified.

ExpertTipsters is a tipping service for European and world sports (inlcuding football, tennis, cricket, rugby, darts, golf amd mixed martial arts). All packages guarantee a certain number of tips each month, which if not reached each month membership is extended until all picks are reached, as well as a monthly profit guarantee (next one free if month not in profit). Members can choose to subscribe to different packages defined by sport or betting market, or they can subscribe to all (which is verified here as one record). It is the sister service to ExpertCappers, the US sports service. Proofed to Sports-Tipsters from 11th June 2013 to the 12th January 2014.

Sports-Tipters' Verdict:

Expert Tipsters, and its sister Expert Cappers, have multiple tipsters (and subscription packages) advertised on their platform, ranked by performance. By adopting the "pack 'em high, sell 'em cheap" marketing model, statistically we can expect at least a few of the tipsters to show a reasonable measure of performance, which nonetheless may still just be the result of chance. All tips aggregated over the full period of verification revealed little evidence of skill, with a closing yield of +1.55% from 350 verified tips.

It was also questionable whether there were really 20 or so individual tipsters operating as was suggested by the ranking page or whether it was just one person tipping and using this categorisation as a means of increasing the chances of showing some positive performance. The intermittent nature of tipping with gaps in excess of a week (and on one occasion over a month) would suggest the latter.

Furthermore, some of the results pages for Expert-Tipsers' were not complete or were missing altogether. There were missing snooker tips for SnookerTipster page, mostly involving losses. There were no published records for the DartsTipster and HanballTipster at all, and again these were losing records. It is for these reasons that verification of both services been termintated.

Response from Expert-Tipsters:

The owner has explained that the missing snooker picks were actually available in the MultiTips section, whilst the Darts and Handball tipsters, whilst no longer active and results no longer available on the tipster ranking page can be found on their respective pages, and furthermore insist that it has nothing to hide.

Sports-Tipters' Opinion to the Response

Whilst the missing tips have been found, it nonetheless remains that case that unless a user of Expert-Tipsters has prior knowledge of retired services it will be difficult for a potential new customer to find them (I certainly had to be directed to where they were by the owner). One has to delve down three layers to individual tips pages of a currently active tipster to find a Category pulldown menue with all previous tips. However, trying to determine if an inactive tipster was a winning or losing one still proves to be difficult, since no summary statistics of inactive tipsters are presented. Far more crucially, no inactive records appear on either the tipster ranking page or the All Tips page, the obvious places to start looking for a summary of performance. Given that both Darts and Handball tips made losses this will have the effect of artificially improving the presentation of the tipster ranking. It also appears that other services have been retired too, specifically Scores And Draws and Accumulator Bets, both of which appear to be losing records also. As such this merely confirms Sports-Tipsters' view that the excessive categorisation of tips coupled with the difficulty of finding dropped services is simply a means of presenting a better sell to the public. Sports-Tipsters stands by its decision to terminate verification. In Sports-Tipsters opinion Expert-Tipsters is not a leading website for professional sports tips. As always, readers are welcome to make up their own minds.

Membership FeeFull package: €150 per month with longer subscriptions discounted
Service startedJanuary 2013 (originally as

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Betting Record

Month Bets Stakes Profit Yield
Jun-2013 17 114 65.6 57.54%
Jul-2013 46 346 41.44 11.98%
Aug-2013 81 464 34.97 7.54%
Sep-2013 70 473.5 32.87 6.94%
Oct-2013 8 75 26.30 35.07%
Nov-2013 50 430 -131.90 -30.67%
Dec-2013 52 428 14.30 3.34%


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