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NBA-Bets - no longer verified - failed is a subscription service that provides predictions from the NBA league. For longer term subscriptions (3 months+) a profit guarantee is available. For the 30-day subscrption, at least 20 picks are guaranteed otherwise your subscription will be extended until the 20th pick.

Sports-Tipsters comment: NBA-Bets has a long history dating back to February 2006. The service proofed to Sports-Tipsters previously, from 1st November 2008 to 31st January 2010, delivering a yield of -0.69% from 152 picks, and then for a second time from 31st October 2013 to the 14th January 2014, delivering a yield of -3.00% from 77 picks. Consequently, the combined yield of these 229 verified picks is -1.35%. The results CSV file (below) is for the combined results, whereas the profit chart is for the second period only.

With 8 from 9 losses in the final week, NBA-Bets notified subscribers that it needed "some time to check what is going on..." After 3 weeks without further announcement, Sports-Tipsters decided to terminate verification of NBA-Bets, taking the view that a publically quoted overall performance of +7.69% yield from 961 tips was not comensurate with a need to fundamentally reassess forecasting strategy and disappear for a lengthy period of time. Such a performance, if genuine, would, on the contrary, be evidence of a fair degree of forecasting ability (p-value less than 0.01) and one could reasonably assume that such a skilled forecaster would completely understand the predictability of losing runs from time to time (statistically one could expect on average about 10 of these during such a sequence of 961 NBA total points wagers). Furthermore, if such a reappraisal of what the tipster is doing and how he is doing it is required after such a short losing period, it rather begs the question whether he should ever have been charging money for his advice in the first place, if it is so easy to become unsure about methods. As always, readers are free to judge for themselves whether NBA-Bets offers advice that is worth the subscription fee.

Punters should be aware that after spending some time checking what was going on, NBA-Bets advised 3 further tips in February 2014 (all lost) followed by a further period of navel-gazing until the final World Series game on the 15th June 2014 when it backed Miami to win at 2.9. Miami lost and San Antonio won the series, so that was that for another season. Given that NBA-Bets has continued to advertise a subscription of €100 per month on its website throughout the duration of this period, one must wonder what reality the owner inhabits. Whether or not he knows how to find an edge in NBA is surely irrelevant, since he's proved himself completely incapable of dealing with losses and running a meaningful tipping service - twice.

Membership Fee€100 for 30 days; €300 for 90 days
Service startedFebruary 2006
StatusNo longer verified

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Betting Record

Chart and monthly data below are for second verification period only, but all results from both verified periods are included in the downloadable CSV file (above).

Month Bets Stakes Profit Yield
Oct-2013 1 40 38.08 95.20%
Nov-2013 30 1130 -25.36 -2.24%
Dec-2013 27 1220 12.31 1.01%
Jan-2014 19 745 -119.12 -15.99%


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