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Romanian Tips - no longer verifed (scam service)

It is impossible to talk to Romanian Tips because they have no customer service. Therefore it has to be assumed that it is a scam tipster. See further comments below.

Sports-Tipsters comment: Romanian Tips was verified by Sports-Tipsters previously, from 27th February 2009 to 7th April 2011, delivering a yield of +8.04% from 1,020 picks, and those picks can be downloaded here. It was then verified for a second time from the 4th February 2014 until the last pick on the 1st November 2014, with a performance of -10.27% from 313 picks, available here. Verification was termindated both times because of Romanian Tips' terrible customer service. Specifically, it was apparently unable to respond to questions Sports-Tipsters was putting to it, more usually about pricing or selecton errors associated with submitted tips. All atempts at making contact, via e-mail, via their on contact form, via their web designer and via their Betting Advice page over the cousre of a week failed. If a tipster's monitor is unable to get a response from the tipster, this suggests customers will face the same problem, and clearly some customers in the past have said as much. In Sports-Tipsters' opinion that is not an acceptable way to manage an advisory service taking money.

Those punters who still choose to take the risk with Romanian Tips should also recognise that it has probably lost its edge. According to its own archived results (which have also been documented by the Betting Advice Forum), there is been very minimal profitability since the start of the 2011/12 season (1% yield from 1,259 picks). If the complaints about price availability posted on the Betting Advice forum in 2009 (when it was doing well) are to be believed, it is highly unlikely that any long term customer will have made any money from this service for over 3 years.

The problem of price availability, of course, arises because of market liquidity. Romanian football will offer only a relatively small betting market, with far fewer bettors, less money traded and consequently more inefficiency and price volatility compared to much bigger football betting markets. It's the inefficiency of these smaller markets that provides the opportunity for more skilled operators to find value in the first place, and Romanian Tips did appear once to be able to find that value. Unfortunately, in such small markets, such tipsters can becomes victims of their own success, resulting in much more dramatic price drops after tips are advised. Additionally, as more smart punters enter that market, any advantage that was once held will quickly disappear, and that is prciesely what appears to have happened since 2011.

Membership Fee1 month €50; 3 months €125; 6 months €225; 12 months €400
Service startedFebruary 2009
StatusNo longer verified - terrible customer service
Results1st period: ; 2nd period:

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Betting Record

Month Bets Stakes Profit Yield
Feb-2014 22 110 18.50 16.82%
Mar-2014 50 225.5 -37.84 -16.78%
Apr-2014 39 130.25 -4.42 -3.39%
May-2014 67 188.65 -73.70 -39.07%
Jun-2014 37 158.9 -76.02 -47.84%
Jul-2014 9 48 7.53 15.69%
Aug-2014 30 151 11.93 7.90%
Sep-2014 29 133 21.16 15.91%
Oct-2014 28 135 -7.65 -5.67%
Nov-2014 2 10 8.04 80.40%


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