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PicksMag Mark - no longer Verified

Mark provides football tips (typically 10 to 12 per month) for PicksMag (along with Peter), with odds typically above 1.70, for 1X2, Asian and total goals markets for many European football divisions. Verified by Sports-Tipsters from the 25th April 2014 until the 22nd June 2014.

Sports-Tipsters' Comment
On the 19th June 2014, Mark explained that from the 1st July he would be ending his collaboration with Peter, and having already been "burnt" by a previous tipser, Ene, and how him, he was considering not accepting any other tipsters to sell their advice through his website. Sports-Tipsters reminded Mark of its reluctance to originally accept Picksmag for verification since it was now no longer accepting multi-tipser services, on the grounds that such an approach is merely a statisitcal exercise in maximising good luck (more tipsters means a better chance of showing something positive to sell; see the story about Betadvisor), and that should either service be discontinued for any reason, Sports-Tipsters would end verification for both.

Although Mark explained that he was not hiring Peter but merely taking a fee from him to allow him to sell his tips through the Picksmag website, and that it was Peter who had queried whether he would wish to contine tipping for the 2014/15 season, Sports-Tipsters' opinion is that the fundamental problems here have not been addressed. In Sports-Tipster's view, Mark had demonstrated poor judgment in accepting so readily tipsters that were either unreliable, unprofitable, unable to cope with losing runs or just unable to understand the variances of sports betting. It is surely quesionable whether Mark ever properly assessed either of these individuals for suitability as betting forecasters, and certainly as having something to offer that was worth €139 per month. In this context, Ene had a verified record ( of -1.09% from 66 picks, whilst Peter closed with -16.19% from 23 picks and Mark closed with -5.57% from 21 picks.

Readers here shoud also be aware that Mark had also previously submitted picks for verification to under two different packages: Picskmag Premium, which closed with a yield of -13.05% from 60 picks, and Picksmag Mark which closed with 11.37% from 170 picks. Mark had explained that managing two different accounts for verification proved to be difficult. He has now furthermore explained to Sports-Tipsters that his orginal intention of offering something like Betadvisor had proved to be mentally too time consuming and difficult.

Regardless of the relatively small sample sizes of the four losing records, it is nonetheless for all these reasons that Sport-Tipsters has ended verification for both Peter and Mark, and is the explanation why it would question any long term viability of anything that Picksmag has to offer, regardless of any historical, but unverified, successes. In the financial world investors dislike uncertainty. Of course we can't ever be certain about the future outcomes of events, but when the speculator is so uncertain about what it is he wants to achieve and how he's going about it, this is not evidence of anything more than luck presented in a positive light. When things get chopped about like this (changing tipsters, changing monitors), it is always only the customer (if there are any) who loses. Future customers, furthermore, will not be made aware of Peter's failings as his record, like that of Ene's already, will presumably be conveniently lost from public scrutiny. Any tipster can show profitbabiliy if he just compartmentalises and then quietly hides the stuff that isn't. Of course, these are the opinions of Sports-Tipsters only and as always others are free to judge for themselves.

Membership Fee1 month €200
Service startedDecember 2012
StatusNo longer verified

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Betting Record

Month Bets Stakes Profit Yield
Apr-2014 4 32 1.75 5.47%
May-2014 8 64 13.25 20.70%
Jun-2014 9 73 -24.42 -33.45%


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